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I am a fresh graduate have some experiences in the field of administrative, computer operator, graphic design & web development.
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Who am I ?

Bachelor Computer from Informatics Engineering of Wijaya Kusuma University in Surabaya.

Buyung Afrianto earned his Bachelor’s degree from Department of Informatics Engineering, Wijaya Kusuma University on November, 2014. During his study at Wijaya Kusuma University, he was actively participating in HIMATIFA (Student Association of Informatics Engineering UWKS) as steering committee , instructure committee & organizing committee. He was also work as computer operator in Asoy Net every after study for 3 years. He was picked up as team leader Informatics Engineering UWKSteam for GEMASTIK 2014 Competition in Yogyakarta. In 2013 he was involved in a web development internship project as a web developer at a contractor company, CV. Tri Prananda Teknik.

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Skills & Attributes

Microsoft Office
Corel Draw
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Movie Maker
Network (LAN)
Web Developer
Java & PHP

My Specialities


Operate Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Power Point, make a administrative report daily, weekly & monthly, controling/check inventory.

Web Development

Develops web by planning consep, executing design, handle maintaining system/software and upgrading service, create web-based information system.

Graphic Design

Create a professional, uniqe and simple design, design logo/banner as user wish, make a promotion design consep, create a report about documentation/publication.

Education & Jobs

Aug 2010 - Nov 2014
Informatics Engineering | University of Wijaya Kusuma, Surabaya
Create a design software, analyze advantage/disadvantage software, maintenance IT infrastructure, support hardware/software usage.
Aug 2007 - Jul 2010
Science | SMAN 11, Surabaya
Nature science program study, learn about theory physics, chemistry, math & biology, perform practical & experiment about related science's theory.
Aug 2010 - Nov 2013
Computer Operator | Asoy Net, Surabaya
Serving customer purchaes, make an administrative report, perform maintenance& handling troubleshooting hardware/software, running internet billing, controling & check inventory, keeping the work area.
Oct 2013 - Sep 2013
Web Developer | CV Tri Prananda Teknik, Surabaya
Create a web based information system, perform entry data to the company's database, handle website maintenance, promote online website.



Hobbies & Interests

  • Reading
  • Internet
  • Browsing
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Computer
  • Technology
  • Gadget
  • Automotive
  • Reading
  • Business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website
  • Workaholic
  • Badminton
  • Fashion
Tri Prananda Teknik
Web Development
Resume Online
Web Desgin
Android Apps
Image Processing
Photo Vectorized
Graphic Design

Microsoft Office


Responsible for performing clerical and administrative duties in an office setting. Operate word proccessing software, operate number proccessing software, operate presentation proccesing software, assists executive assistants and secretaries by sorting mail, filing, greeting clients, scheduling meetings, and restocking supplies.

Junior Networking

BNSP - LSP TIK 2013.

The establishment of computer networks requires competent junior network administrators who are able to design both internal and external networks. Responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network including the maintenance and monitoring of active data network or converged infrastructure and related network equipment.


BNSP - LSP TIK 2013.

Involving programming essentially want high-tech problem solvers, can solve real life business problems to make the organisation more efficient and more productive by developing, testing and implementing IT solutions.

Advance English

SMAXIS Intensive English Course 2010

Prepare and educate people for the world. Primarily in middle, high schools and post-secondary schools, teach grammar, reading comprehension, writing, and understanding of books and other writings.

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Buyung Afrianto, S.Kom.

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